Ocean Marine

Ocean Marine insurance can include a variety of coverages designed to protect owners of vessels from financial losses due to cargo damage, physical damage to their ships, and legal liability.

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Berkley has a proven track record of providing outstanding service and developing partnerships with the insured while offering flexible and tailored marine products. Berkley is a leading market for marine builders risk where we are able to customize coverage needs for specific projects.

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Ocean Marine Insurance Can Help Protect Your Business

Anyone who transports goods on the open water and operates vessels knows the many exposures that exist. Having the right insurance is vital to help protect your business from financial loss. Berkley provides a variety of ocean marine insurance options and risk management services that can help in protecting your business, including the following:

  • Marine Cargo – can provide coverage that addresses the exposures associated with cargo being shipped around the world. Coverage is typically warehouse to warehouse, for imports, exports, domestic shipments, and intercompany moves. 
  • Marine General Liability – can provide coverage for legal liability arising from property damage and bodily injuries that occur in marine industries from around the waterfront or other marine settings. 
  • Excess Marine Liability – can provide insurance protection in excess of primary limits on a follow form excess or as a Bumbershoot. The Bumbershoot policy may cover certain non-marine liabilities, including auto and employer’s liability, on an excess basis. 
  • Hull & Machinery – can provide coverage for loss of or physical damage to your vessel and its machinery, up to an agreed value. Damage may occur while the vessel is underway or tied up at the dock. 
  • Marine Hull Builders Risk – can provide coverage to address the exposures associated with vessels under construction or conversion. The types of vessels covered include, but are not limited to, tugs, barges, bluewater vessels, yachts, supply vessels, and fishing vessels. 
  • Protection & Indemnity (P&I) – can provide coverage for third-party liabilities resulting from vessel operations as well as liabilities to crew members, most notably those afforded under the Jones Act.
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“I was very fortunate to have Preferred Employers Insurance take over my case. I was at a standstill until their team started handling my situation. The company is great at what they do and anyone else who has the pleasure of working with them will find out the same! Thanks again so very much!”

— Frank V.

Waste Water Operator, Planada Community Service District.

“Berkley One has been amazing!!! You have really gone above and beyond for us and made this very annoying accident as easy as possible.”

— Amy G.

Client in Illinois.

“I am incredibly pleased with the claim management, guidance, consult calls and quality of service we receive from Midwest Employers Casualty. The team is committed to prompt and efficient service - and is readily available for consult calls. The process is effortless, efficient, seamless and productive.”

— Tawanna B.

Senior Benefits Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

“Our Berkley Environmental Claims Adjustor has been incredibly responsive to us, and has clearly taken the time to research the particulars of this claim. She has contacted and spoken with our client, and has explained to him and to us what she has been able to determine from her thorough research of the information presented so far in this claim. I am thankful that we have a competent, professional, dedicated, and pleasant-to-work-with adjuster in our corner.”

— Mary F.

Business Manager, Tech Painting Co.