Construction Insurance

From the beginning to the end of a project, you are faced with many challenges such as completing projects on time within budget, protecting your employees, equipment, and vehicles, and more. Construction insurance can help address these challenges and protect your business.

Partners in Protecting Construction Businesses


Berkley works collaboratively to tailor insurance and risk management solutions vital to your business. We understand that you want to focus on running your business with the reassurance that your insurance partner understands your industry and is responsive. Our experienced professionals operate within our decentralized structure, which allows them to be nimble and innovative.

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Helping to Protect Your Construction Businesses

Whether you’re in the business of major infrastructure, large buildings or specialty trade contracting, we have the construction insurance expertise and risk management services to help you protect your business.


Our suite of insurance products include the following: 

In addition to insurance coverage, we provide innovative medical cost containment and risk management services.


Medical Cost Containment Services include: 

  • Medical Bill and Utilization Review 

  • Telephonic and Field Nurse Case Management 

  • Independent Medical Exam 

  • Peer Review 

  • Medical Provider Network 

Risk Management Services include: 

  • Training and Safety Resource Materials 

  • Safety Programs and Hazard Analysis  

  • Driver and Fleet Best Practices  

  • Industrial Hygiene 

  • Contractual Risk Transfer Guidelines  

  • Industry Specific Training Programs  

  • Return to Work Programs 

  • Jobsite Safety and Hazard Analysis 

  • Site Security Controls 

Types of Businesses We Serve

We have deep expertise across an array of businesses and occupations within the construction industry. Our underwriting, risk management and medical cost containment specialists can help tailor construction insurance solutions for a wide range of businesses, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Carpentry    

  • Cell Tower Erection   

  • Commercial Builders 

  • Concrete  

  • Demolition   

  • Equipment Operators  

  • EIFS   

  • Electrical   

  • Environmental   

  • Excavation and Grading   

  • General Contractors 

  • Heavy Industrial   

  • Home Builders and Remodelers  

  • HVAC   

  • Landscape   

  • Masonry  

  • Oil and Gas   

  • Painting   

  • Plastering   

  • Plumbers  

  • Pool and Spa  

  • Real Estate Developers 

  • Renewable Energy   

  • Roofing   

  • Specialty Contractors  

  • Steel   

  • Streets, Roads and Infrastructure 

  • Utility

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What Our Customers Say

“I was very fortunate to have Preferred Employers Insurance take over my case. I was at a standstill until their team started handling my situation. The company is great at what they do and anyone else who has the pleasure of working with them will find out the same! Thanks again so very much!”

— Frank V.

Waste Water Operator, Planada Community Service District.

“Berkley One has been amazing!!! You have really gone above and beyond for us and made this very annoying accident as easy as possible.”

— Amy G.

Client in Illinois.

“I am incredibly pleased with the claim management, guidance, consult calls and quality of service we receive from Midwest Employers Casualty. The team is committed to prompt and efficient service - and is readily available for consult calls. The process is effortless, efficient, seamless and productive.”

— Tawanna B.

Senior Benefits Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

“Our Berkley Environmental Claims Adjustor has been incredibly responsive to us, and has clearly taken the time to research the particulars of this claim. She has contacted and spoken with our client, and has explained to him and to us what she has been able to determine from her thorough research of the information presented so far in this claim. I am thankful that we have a competent, professional, dedicated, and pleasant-to-work-with adjuster in our corner.”

— Mary F.

Business Manager, Tech Painting Co.