Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

While financial services companies typically have a significantly more modest environmental footprint than other industries, we nonetheless recognize that we need to be responsible stewards of the world around us. Everything we do has an impact, and every little bit to minimize that impact helps. We have found ways to do so while helping others, and will continue to look for ways to do more.

Our Berkley companies participate in programs that encourage recycling and the conversion to paperless operations. In some places we are redesigning or consolidating our space, reusing materials, installing more energy efficient systems and changing our practices to be more environmentally friendly and reduce our footprint.

These seemingly little things add up to big reductions in our environmental footprint, but we have learned that we can do even more. Many of our Berkley companies offer drop off bins for employees wishing to donate things such as eyeglasses, batteries, and old cell phones. One Berkley company recycles office supplies and then donates them to an organization that provides low cost/free supplies to teachers who have a need for classroom items. Several office locations recycle used computer equipment when possible and/or refurbish and donate equipment in working condition to local charitable organizations that are in need of computer equipment.

In addition to our own environmental impact, as an insurance company, we need to be keenly aware of environmental risks and how climate change can impact the environment, and in turn our clients and our results. Over the years, we have taken steps to encourage policyholders to reduce the losses caused by climate change-influenced events, including building awareness and promoting prevention. We offer a variety of loss control options to insureds to inform them of upcoming weather conditions, changes to the environment that affect their risk and provide solutions that can lessen the severity of a loss and/or mitigate losses after they occur.

For additional details, please review our responses to the NAIC’s Climate Risk Disclosure Survey, for which Ceres recognized our Company as demonstrating leadership in addressing climate risk in their Insurer Climate Risk Disclosure Survey Report & Scorecard.