Berkley At A Glance

How we are different:


The business is operated with an ownership perspective and a clear sense of fiduciary responsibility to shareholders.

People-Oriented Strategy

New businesses are started when opportunities are identified and, most importantly, when the right talent is found to lead a business. Of Berkley's 52 companies, 45 were developed internally and seven were acquired.

Responsible Financial Practices

Risk exposures are managed proactively. A strong balance sheet, including a high-quality investment portfolio, ensures ample resources to grow the business profitably whenever there are opportunities to do so.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

Management company-wide is focused on obtaining the best potential returns with a real understanding of the amount of risk being assumed. Superior risk-adjusted returns are generated over the insurance cycle.


Consistent and objective standards are used to measure performance – and, the same standards are used regardless of the environment.